Rebecca Robb Benne


I am a passionate language teacher and writer.

I've been involved in language teaching at all levels for thirty years as a teacher, oral examiner, editor and writer. I've taught
English, French and German in the UK, Germany and Denmark and write materials for learners all over the world. My qualifications include a secondary postgraduate certificate of education (PGCE) in French and German, and a master's degree (MSc) in Applied Linguistics with a programme of specialization in English language teaching.


I'm also a language learner: in addition to French, German and Danish, which I speak fluently, I also studied Latin to a high level and am now learning Japanese.


I became a teacher because I believe everybody should be able to fulfil their potential, whatever their background.  As a writer of ELT materials, helping students of all ages to learn about the world and develop as a person is as important to me as helping students to learn to communicate in English. My main writing interests are therefore life skills, motivation and reading skills. I'm particularly interested in designing materials which can engage teenage students and help them to become confident, autonomous language users. Using contemporary literature extracts, which bring an affective dimension to language learning and develop empathy, also plays an important role in my writing.


I'm based in Copenhagen, Denmark.